One tree for every child

The necessities of the rural communities in Ecuador are broad, one of them is the lack of economic resources and the complicated access to good educational centers for their children, since these institutions are located in the bigger cities and living costs and study fees are very high.

Vitalideas, together with its partner Surtrek Tour Operator, cooperate in developing the project “Un arbol para un niño”, to benefit the children and teenagers of the community of Cajabamba II while listening carefully to each community member and keeping in mind their necessities and abilities.

Thanks to the support of “People to People”, an American institution, we have started to develop this project on the 30th of June 2010, by receiving about 300 young American pupils this summer. They wish to get to know the real rural family life of Ecuador and benefiting these families at the same time. They are helping to plant balsa trees in specific areas which will generate in future income to finance the education of the children and teenagers of the community.

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Group 2

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