Awareness, training and information campaigns :

For any project of sustainable development, communication and awareness are essential tools to ensure success.
Vitalideas implements communication activities at various levels and for different audiences.

The objectives of awareness and education campaigns for the implementation of good environmental practices are:

- The implementation of simple measures to reduce CO2 emissions and energy conservation among local people

- Changes in behavior on the part of landowners, and sustainable use of land and forest areas of communities. (To limit deforestation, change some damaging or pollutants practices...)

- Changes in behavior to respect the rules of conservation of biodiversity at the time of a change of use of space. (Moderate hunting, application of a management plan ...) for the owner but also the community using the area

- Awareness of the importance of their natural and cultural heritage, preservation of their traditions

- The use of agricultural techniques "rational" and less harmful to the soil, water, biodiversity, workers and consumers

- Promoting local and fair trade

The training also enables communities to access better opportunities and become more independent. Vitalideas offers training seminars in rural communities to strengthen and expand local skills.

Some training seminars have already taken place or are ongoing throughout the Rural Development project in Cajabamba II.


Awareness campaigns in the communities have two targets:

- Information campaigns among adults: door to door, meetings, project support, organizing or participating in events...

- With children: Vitalideas offers entertainment and educational interventions in schools. The themes covered are varied and concern the general environment (biodiversity, deforestation, pollution, waste, health, agriculture ...), but also the local culture and traditional skills.



If you would like to organize an event or an educational animation, please contact us.

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