Actions against climate change:

Background and general issues

The economic development of the last two centuries, historically based on the use of fossil energy sources (coal, oil ...) has led to increased greenhouse gas emissions. The result is an increase in temperature of the planet and a significant increase in risk of climate change. The international community has recognized the issue and developed measures to fight against this phenomenon.

What can we do to combat climate change?

Action against global warming begin with changing behavior. Limiting the production of CO2 can be achieved through many activities (better use of energy in housing, construction, transport, industry ...)
The use of renewable energies is also a compelling solution for the future, in particular the production of electricity (solar, wind and hydroelectric).
In the field of transport, research is carried out to develop "cleaner" fuel and more efficient engines.
Besides these essential measures of reducing energy consumption and renewable energy development, there are plans for offsetting carbon dioxide...

It is on this theme that Vitalideas works.

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