Our Carbon Offset Projects

The compensation is for any industry, enterprise, government department or individual to substitute its carbon emissions by an equivalent amount of carbon credits by buying them from a third party.

Specifically, after estimating the quantity of carbon emitted by an activity, and after attempts to reduce these emissions, it is possible to fund a project involved in the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases or carbon sequestration: it will then reduce, in another place, the same volume of greenhouse gas emissions.

The principle is that a given amount of CO2 emitted in one place can be offset by sequestering an equivalent amount of CO2 in another place. This principle of "geographical neutrality" comes from the Kyoto protocol. Also, this justifies the relocation of projects materialized in Ecuador for emissions coming from CO2 related activities in Europe or the USA.

It is important to note that carbon offset is most effective when accompanied by efforts to reduce emissions or implement alternative energy solutions.

The best way to offset carbon is to not produce it! Carbon offset is not a reason to continue polluting via other methods...

How to offset ?


Use the carbon calculator

The means proposed by Vitalideas


Creation of carbon sinks through reforestation


Who can offset the CO2 emissions?

Private company, public organization, individuals ... You can offset the emissions of greenhouse gases emitted by your activities. Any person concerned by the issue of climate change may participate in the projects of Vitalideas offsetting its carbon emissions made daily.

Please contact us for more information about our carbon offset projects

the example of ethical and ecotourism:


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