Vital Values

Vitalideas is based on the principles of freedom of expression, of giving voice and participation to all.

Social and environmental responsibility

All our activities are developed in a responsible way with a focus on the participation of each actor.

Respect to diversity

We respect and value biodiversity as well as socio-cultural, linguistic and economical differences, working with the principles of social equity and equal opportunity.

Transparency and honesty

We act with honesty and report our activities in a transparent way.

Horizontal communication

We work by always remembering that we all have the capacity and opportunity to communicate, express opinions, bring ideas and have an influence in the development of our activities in an equitable way.

Professional ethics

We do not create false expectations and we fulfill with our goals.


Our work is based on our trust and commitment, we believe that each person can generate changes towards a better future while strengthening the harmony between human beings and nature.

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